Revista VoltA

“The establishment of a new communication media by CIGRE is always excellent news for the Association. It underscores the dynamism of the originating group, in this case, the Romanian National Committee, and their commitment to disseminating information about CIGRE’s activities at the national level, reaching out to a broader spectrum of stakeholders in the electrical systems sector. It embodies the foundational principles of the Association, primarily aimed at facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences within the community of electrical systems experts. Moreover, it reflects the Association’s dedicated efforts to enhance CIGRE’s visibility through more structured and ambitious communication strategies.

I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Romanian National Committee for this initiative, which I hope will serve as inspiration for other National Committees. This endeavour is not merely about launching a new communication platform; it symbolizes a deeper commitment to fostering collaboration, sharing expertise, and advancing the field of electrical systems worldwide.

By embracing innovative communication channels, we can effectively amplify the impact of CIGRE’s work, ensuring that our collective insights and experiences resonate across borders and benefit stakeholders at every level of the industry. I am confident that this new media initiative will serve as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue, driving progress and innovation within the electrical systems community.

As Secretary-General of CIGRE, I am proud to witness the dedication and creativity demonstrated by our members in Romania and beyond. Together, we are shaping the future of electrical systems, and this new communication media is a testament to our shared commitment to excellence and collaboration.

Moving forward, let us continue to leverage the power of communication to connect, inspire, and empower the global community of electrical systems experts. May this initiative mark the beginning of a new chapter in CIGRE’s journey, one characterized by innovation, inclusivity, and transformative impact.”

Philippe ADAM, Secretary General of CIGRE